Revealing your True Self

There are many therapies and self-help practises available for better health and vitality, seeking to be more our true self. All of your true self is there, just blurred from upsetting events from the past.

An upset is anything that has happened to you, but you rather it didn’t. It can be a trauma or shock from the past, it is the unwanted feelings from upsets that affect our thoughts and decisions now.

Not wanting the feelings from the upset we resist them ‘what we resist, persists’. Pushing these feelings away we try and hide then, try not to remember. Resisting these unwelcome emotions gives them energy, which makes them stronger, and they become more intrusive over time. This negativity will affect our self-esteem, our relationships, our work life and even how we engage in life itself, in turn taking a toll on our overall health and well-being.

Every decision we make is to aid our survival. The problem is that during an upset we are not happy, an unhappy person never makes a happy decision. We make an untrue decision about ourselves, then unknowingly start to believe it is who we are as a person.

With this process we revisit upsets to find the untrue decisions that were made. One of the comforting parts of this method is we do not need to talk about what has happened in the past. Our focus is on the feelings, our feelings determine what we say and don’t say, what we do and don’t do.

With this method, we use the ability of our mind to create an image, that image is representing the untrue decision that was made, a negative identity. The image will give you the understanding of how the feelings and decisions were created. With this knowledge you are now able to stop giving the identity energy, it can only then become flat, lifeless, you dis-create it.

The less negative identities we have, the more we are our true self, happy, optimistic, and calm.

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