To the people who have tried some of the many therapies and self help practices available for general well-being, searching to find something to bring you back to your true self. Your true self is still there, just blurred from unpleasant, unwanted events from the past. It is the unwanted feelings from upsets that affect our thoughts and decisions now, in a harmful manner. With this method I help guide you to dis-create the untrue decisions that were made in the past, you can then only become more your true self, happy, optimistic and calm. This is not an ongoing therapy, complete course 3 sessions, face to face, video call or phone. No self-disclosure, no advice given.

Mission Statement: To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams. I would like to introduce you to an alternative therapy in emotional healing, the Mace Energy Method  (MEM). It was created by John Mace after 50 years of research, his focus is on the ‘cause’ of problems, not the ‘effect’.

This method is worlds apart from conventional therapies, there is no talking about what has happened in the past, I do not give you any advice, with only a couple of sessions needed. It is not important about what has happened, the focus is the feelings associated with any past events. Feelings determine what we do and don’t do, what we say and don’t say. An upset is anything that has happened to you, but you rather it didn’t. Not wanting these feelings from the upset we resist them, “what we resist persists”.

This is the beginning of the creation, of what we call a negative identity. Same as an alter ego / other self. Every decision we make is to aid our survival, the problem is that during an upset we are not happy, an unhappy person has never made a happy decision, we make an unhappy, untrue decision about ourselves. I am weak, stupid, unworthy, unlovable ….

Anything you would like to change about yourself is a negative identity at play.

With this method I help guide you to find and remember the untrue decisions that were made. Then using the ability of the mind to create an image, you are able to understand how and why these decisions were made. You can now decide not to give that identity energy, it can only then become flat, lifeless. A good analogy is the car battery, you the being (vehicle) is supplying the battery power, dis-connect the supply and battery (negative identity) goes flat, no energy. The less negative identities we have, the more we are our true Being, in its natural state. We become more aware.

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