Cause and effect, ‘nothing just happens’ there is always something that causes it to happen. Causism, it’s name is derived from two words ‘Cause’ (to create an effect; to make things happen) and -’ism’ (a doctrine, principle, or system) We focus on the cause of what you would like to change, not the manifestations.

Causism is the science for the interactions between the Body, Mind and Spirit (Being) and identities (alter ego’s). This is the play between the Material universe (all that you can see) and the Energy universe (you can not see energy). Mace Energy Method is the art which dis-creates untrue decisions we make about ourselves, which is the beginning of the creation of a negative identity.

With your mind, we guide you to create images to represent feelings, you can then see and understand the manifestations of these identities. You will then be able to make changes.

The mind is the interface between the Being (psyche) and the material universe in which we play this game called life, enjoy. 

In his book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method. He explains how we unknowingly create negative identities that influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships, life and prevents us from obtaining our goals and dreams.

Readers are taken on a journey of discovery and understanding, following these concepts to their logical and fascinating conclusions. Explaining how these hidden negative identities can be located and dis-created permanently.

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John Mace

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