Alter ego / Identities

We have many identities, alter ego’s, masks … We have positive identities like learning how to read and write, driving a car, how to cook … We give them energy so they can exist. A negative identity is anything you would like to change about yourself, some people get angry when frustrated, close down when things get difficult, can’t let go of past upsets, taking drugs or alcohol to escape reality …

All identities start with a decision, learn to cook so we can eat, create a car driving identity so we can drive ourselves to work or play … It is the untrue decisions we make about ourselves which is a negative identity. Resisting the unwanted feelings from an upset, we push them down, we bury them in our psyche, sweep them under the carpet so to speak. We use energy resisting and pushing down the unwanted feelings, which in turn keeps them alive.

These identities lay dormant until triggered, this is when we react (non-survival) instead of responding (pro-survival). You may ask yourself ‘why do I keep doing that?’

The Mind

One of our main tools with this method is using the ability of the mind to make an image / picture of whatever we have our attention on. The mind is able to make an image to represent an idea, a concept and feelings. These images are similar to when we are dreaming. During a session these images can seem strange, abstract and often irrelevant, they are representing our thoughts, decisions and feelings.

Through the process the images created can be anything from a donut to a dinosaur, shapes, colours, people or patterns. It doesn’t matter what the image is, it is the feelings it is representing that is important. I do not need to know what your images are, if you decide to share what they are it can be a bit of amusement for us both.

The mind is a stimulus response mechanism. Thoughts and feelings are energy, and the mind is able to create an image to represent them. You cannot see energy with your eyes, you only see what energy creates, gravity, electricity, steam, wind …


Albert Einstein said, ‘time is an illusion’. As people are becoming more familiar with Quantum physics, they are learning that the past, present and future are but one. There is only the now. Mentioned earlier the unwanted feelings from an upset can be that overwhelming we bury them in our psyche (spirit), we are unconscious of them. Using the laws of physics, a MEM practitioner is able to guide you to the moment of overwhelm when you became the ‘effect’ of the situation. The moment you made an untrue decision about yourself, remembering it is all in the now.

An example of time only being a concept – Two people, one is 20 yrs old the other is 60 yrs old. The younger is 1/3 the age of the older, add 20 yrs to both, now the younger is 1/2 the age of the older?

If you describe time in the material universe (something, you can see) it is likely your description will represent motion / movement. The hands on a clock moving, the sun passing over, a tree growing… Time = Motion. Remember you cannot see energy, only the effects it creates, you cannot see feelings and emotions, they are energy. When you are recalling the feelings from an upset you are now in the energy universe, where there is no motion, where there is no time.

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not Philosophy this is Physics."

Albert Einstein

Can I use MEM to help myself?

Causism laws of survival ’ (MEM)     

 Law 1.  No individual will ever knowingly instigate anything, which they know to be non-survival for them.

Law 2.  Every individual is only affected by what they are unaware of. (In everyday language, ‘if you know about it, it does not affect you’)

Bottom line, if we knew what was wrong we would fix it. If you are looking at something it cannot be you. If you are trying to look at all of you it cannot be all of you, there is a part of you looking. I help you focus all of your attention on all of you, you can now find what needs to be addressed

Complete course $300. No self-disclosure, no advice given. I am training to be a trainer of MEM, and can take on a trainee, time permitting. I could keep writing and you could keep reading, it is only through experiencing a session this will all make sense. This is not a temporary feel-good therapy; it is a potential life changing experience.

Above all, have fun.


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