I first noticed Mace Energy Method in 2004 a small add in a magazine. I wasn’t seeking help yet the add caught my eye.

I hadn’t had any counselling, therapy or alike before, as with everyone else I have experienced the highs and lows of life, some of which we would rather have not. Chin up, press on as we do. I booked in for a session with John Mace, simply put it was life changing not just a feel-good event. John guided me to understand how and why the past had been affecting me. Life was now clearer, relaxed, optimistic and feeling present.

A while later I booked in with John again, it was the same as above and more. With this newfound clarity I made some big changes, I got trained to be a MEM Practitioner by John, left a comfortable, well paid, brain numbing job of 14 years in the mining industry. Got married for the first time, started teaching Tai-Chi and Gi-Gong, which I had already been practising for 10 years. Pursued my passion of woodwork and completed a Diploma in Furniture making and design.

I am happy to say today I am still following my passions, teaching Tai Chi and being a MEM Practitioner. I am also training to be a trainer; I am able to teach people to become a MEM Practitioner. And yes, still making saw dust.

It’s truly a pleasure to be with people on a journey to reaching their highest potential. I would enjoy helping you on your journey.

All the best to you,


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Golden Bay, Western Australia