Tai-Chi & Gi-Gong

Tai means movement, Chi means energy. Back in 1994 I had an accident while body surfing at the beach, technically I broke my neck.  Fortunately, I was still able to use my arms and legs, just a very sore neck. After several months of wearing a neck brace I was able to return to work on light duties. Not long after I decided I needed to do something to help relieve the pain and regain some flexibility, I started learning Tai-Chi. I soon realised it went way beyond the body, it was also about, balance, quieting the mind and becoming aware of energy. Not just our own energy circulating within us, feeling how we are connected to energy around us, including other people’s energy.

Energy is fundamental with how both Tai-Chi and Mace Energy Method can benefit you. I have been practicing Tai-Chi since 1996, in that time one of my greatest joys was when I started teaching in 2006. Helping people learn to relax more, become more flexible and become more aware of their energy and the energy around them.

Originally Tai-Chi was a Martial Art, the actual application is fast. We practice slow for overall health and vitality. To go slow can be difficult, requiring strength and precision, above all patience.

Tai-Chi and Gi-Gong heals the body by encouraging Chi (Energy) to flow through our meridians. Meridians are pathways within our bodies which carry Chi to help nourish our whole body, there are both Yin and Yang meridians. Along these pathways are pressure points, the same used for acupuncture, acupressure, EFT, Shiatsu massage … restricted flow from emotional and physical tension can cause disease and illness. With practice and patience Tai-Chi helps you to relax, increasing the flow of Chi, energising and strengthening your body and mind. The Tai-Chi symbol Yin and Yang represents balance, soft and hard, black and white, relaxation and firmness, yielding and assertiveness, slow and fast. Try to remember, “There is not much time left, so it is very important that we slowdown”.

Classes now running; Western Australia; Mandurah Mondays 9am-10, Rockingham Tuesdays 6.30 am-7.

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